JPs Que's Mission

Our mission is to give you an inspired taste of our interpretation of home- unassuming but rich in depth. We craft incredible condiments, primarily BBQ sauces and seasonings, that are undeniably bold and delicious. Blending our diverse Black and Mexican heritage through culinary versatility and combining flavor and heat in new and exciting ways. Quality and Taste is everything. Our passion is our customers and wowing them with flavors that rise to any occasion.

About Laura Payne

With over 10 years of experience in marketing communications, Laura has mastered the art of delighting consumers. Throughout her career in various CPG companies, she excelled in crafting marketing strategies and collaborating on innovative product development. Armed with a bachelor's degree in communications and a master's degree in management and organizational behavior, Laura's expertise lies in staying at the forefront of product development and consumer goods. It is this passion that ultimately led her to establish the JPs Que brand, a condiments company specializing primarily in BBQ sauces and seasonings.

About Joseph Payne

Joseph's lifelong passion for food has driven him to become the driving force behind JPs Que, where he personally develops and produces all of the company's products. After serving as a firefighter for over 14 years, where he shared his culinary creations with the crew, he pursued his love for fitness and earned his certification in personal training as well as certifications in animal flow and precision nutrition. Balancing his time at the gym, he founded JPs Que—a condiments company specializing primarily in BBQ sauces and seasonings. Continuously striving for growth, Joseph actively researches the latest condiment trends, flavors, and business strategies to expand his knowledge and expertise in the food industry.