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Seasoning Gift Set

Seasoning Gift Set

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Our seasoning gift set includes freshly mixed seasonings meant to enhance the natural flavors of food, and wake up your taste buds. Made with simple ingredients and authentic flavor. Our seasoning collection will help you discover your next culinary masterpiece. The perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking and bold flavors! 

Gift Set includes: 

Nice Honey & Spice: A simple sweet and spicy combination, with smoked spicy notes from the chipotle pepper and a sweet undertone from the granulated honey. With just four ingredients, this is literal honey and spice and everything nice.

Caliente,Touch of Heat: A great way to take your dish to the next level. This seasoning combines cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes for the warm caliente you need.

Savor the Classics: Just as the name suggests. The classic seasoning is the perfect blend of salt, pepper and garlic. Simple and to the point. This seasoning will give your dish a savory flavor that you’ll love. 

Smoky Ancho Pepper and Herb: The rich smoky flavor from the ancho pepper is married together with the aromatic earthiness of oregano. This seasoning will enhance your food's flavor. From seafood to chicken, It will not disappoint.

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