JPs Que's Mission

Our mission is to give you an inspired taste of our interpretation of home- unassuming but rich in depth. We craft incredible condiments, primarily BBQ sauces and seasonings, that are undeniably bold and delicious. Blending our diverse Black and Mexican heritage through culinary versatility and combining flavor and heat in new and exciting ways. Quality and Taste is everything. Our passion is our customers and wowing them with flavors that rise to any occasion.




Jan 2022

We are so excited to announce that Jps Que has been accepted to Target Forward Founder Accelerator Cohort!!! We’re accelerating, and incredibly honored and humbled to be part of this opportunity. 

Target Accelerators was designed to help emerging brands deepen their retail knowledge through mentorship and a personalized curriculum. We have so much to learn from the experts at Target, and we'll be joining along with 29 other innovative brands. 

We’re excited to grow as founders and to build on the next wave of what our business will look like. One of our main takeaways from day one has been to be our authentic self and that we deserve to be here. We've worked so hard to get this far that the impossible seems possible today! 

We can’t thank you enough for your support in our business and mission. Stay tuned!